Project: Final Riposte

This page was created as an outlet for my own personal creativity. Generally this will be music related, though you will see rants related to technology and other interests on occasion.

Primarily, this site will be concerned with the music output of the project known as “Final Riposte”.
Musically, this is a guitar based project that will generally write more thematic and concept based pieces of music.

Also under this website, I will be writing my main blog. This will be where technology based rants live, as well as new product reviews and anything else I feel that I won’t to write about.

You will see my twitter feed for those interested. My amazon wishlist is also visible for those that are generous 🙂

Please feel free to use the contact form if you wish to contact me, but please, do not contact me with business proposals or anything else that could be considered unsolicited commercial communications. I won’t even waste the effort responding to those.

Please also feel free to check out my other site,, for my industrual.electronic/orchestral project.

Also, I am contactable on EFNet in the channel #midiwarez. A warning – this channel is not warez related so do not expect ftp servers or any such relics from the 90s

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